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Getting a classCastException from connect-REST, mapping from a json where there is a pagelist property

Created a connect-REST rule, in PRPC 7.1.7, using the integration wizard that maps the _GET from a Json.  In the json opbject, is a property ("staffmember"), that is a page-list.  However if only one entry(staffmember) comes thru, I get a classCastExpection.    Yet multiple staffmembers under that property/page-list work fine.   I've interrogated the json, and its is defined the same if there is one or multiple staffmembers in the object.

Now, originally, PRPC created the "staffmember" property rule as a page.  So the connect-Rest would fail on any calls where the json returned more than one staffmember.  (a mapping error, i forget now)  So, i opened the ruleset, deleted the rule, recreated it as a page-list.   Based on this, i'm wondering if there is something in the rules DB that i'm needing to clear or delete.  We have deleted exptemp and recycled the server to no avail.

There are other properties created as a page-lists, however I can't be sure if they fail under 1 entry either, as I don't own that data.

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