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Posted: February 18, 2020
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Getting cumulative total from Data Page in a table

I have seen how to create a Declare Expression to get the cumulative total from a collection property such as a Page List or a Data Page which returns a list.  However, the problem I'm running into is that the examples I've found which include a data page don't have parameters.

My setup (Pega 7.3.1):

I have a table in a section that is backed by a datapage, we'll call D_GetCustomerSales[CustomerID: .CustomerID, StartDate: .StartDate, EndDate: .EndDate]

Obviously, since this is set in a table, the parameters are enumerated and I don't assign the params within the square braces as I've shown.

D_GetCustomerSales returns a list of MyProj-CustomerSales, which incudes a property called OrderTotalPrice.

Suppose the result of my table is as follows

Table [Data Page D_GetCustomerSales Results List of Class MyProj-CustomerSales]

11/27/2019148125$ 158.83 
12/14/2019148122$ 29.44 
12/17/2019148123$ 99.38 

How would I setup my Declare Expression so that I can get the sum of OrderTotalPrice? I've got my property CumulativeOrderTotalPrice in the MyProj-CustomerSales class. And that is where the Declare Expression is located that I'm trying to create.  But I think that if I do

Sum Of [ D_GetCustomerSales().OrderTotalPrice ] it would return all the values for OrderTotalPrice, not just the ones limited by the properties filtered in the table.

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