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Getting to Exceptions due to list view query difference in 7.1.7 compared to 6.2

Hi , We have a list view with declarative index join in 6.2 and 7.1.7 (Same list view in both versions) and they are forming queries as 6.2: SELECT "PC0".pxObjClass AS "pxObjClass", "Country".CTRY_CD AS "CountryCode", "PC0".pzPVStream AS "PC0pzPVStream", "PC0".PZINSKEY as "pxInsHandle" FROM pr_operators "PC0" JOIN AEXP_OPR_CTRY_IDX "Country" ON "PC0".pzInsKey = "Country".pxInsIndexedKey WHERE "PC0".pxObjClass = ? AND ( ( "Country".CTRY_CD = ? ) AND ( "PC0".PYWORKGROUP = ? ) ) AND "Country".pxIndexPurpose='OperatorCountryMap' 7.1.7: SELECT "PC0".pxObjClass AS "pxObjClass", "Country".CTRY_CD AS "CountryCode", "PC0".PYWORKGROUP AS "pyWorkGroup" , "PC0".PYEMAILADDRESS AS "pyAddresses(Email).pyEmailAddress" , "PC0".PYUSERIDENTIFIER AS "pyUserIdentifier", "PC0".PZINSKEY as "pxInsHandle" FROM PBSTD01.pr_operators "PC0" JOIN PBSTD01.AEXP_OPR_CTRY_IDX "Country" ON "PC0".pzInsKey = "Country".pxInsIndexedKey WHERE "PC0".pxObjClass = ? AND ( ( "Country".CTRY_CD = ? ) AND ( "PC0".PYWORKGROUP = ? ) ) AND "Country".pxIndexPurpose='OperatorCountryMap' Because of this we are getting ERROR " ** Column named pyAddresses(Email).pyEmailAddress was not found in SQL columns or embedded object " in 7.1.7 and so due to this exeception is getting raised and so getting into problem flow. But in 6.2 it is working fine. Can any one help me out. why same list view forming different queries? Thanks in advance.

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