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Getting filename from clipboard

I am trying to upload a file from UI using flow action"pzUploadFileWithBrowseOption". I have to get the file name and the data for integration purpose.

When I check the clipboard, these details are being saved at pyPortalHarness page as attached. The file name is saved by pyFileNameHolder and the content on pyFileSource. But I'm not able to retrieve the file name because of following error on tracer -

 The property pyPortalHarness.pyFileNameHolder was of mode String while was expecting Page mode.  Details: (none) 

Am not able to open the rule pyFileNameHolder from Clipboard and on searching with this rule name in Designer Studio shows a rule named pyFileNameHolder in class 'Data-NLP-'. I have tried to define pyPortalHarness.pyFileNameHolder in Pages and Classes as 'Data-NLP-'.

I'm on Pega 7.2

Activity called on upload is developed on UploadFile (Data-)

Related question - Why does property set for UI get changed between pyPortalHarness and pyDisplayHarness?

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