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Posted: September 5, 2019
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Getting runtime Error while executing JGit funtionality

I am trying to connect PEGA with GitHub using jGit jar - org.eclipse.jgit-

we added all required jar in PEGA Class path, so we are not getting any compilation error.

when executing below code

LsRemoteCommand remoteCmd = Git.lsRemoteRepository().setCredentialsProvider(this.getCp()).setRemote(repo).setTags(true).setHeads(true);
try {
	refList =;

we are getting - "java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Class org/eclipse/jgit/lib/ObjectId illegally accessing "package private" member of class org/eclipse/jgit/lib/AnyObjectId"

logs attached.

both class 'ObjectID' and 'AnyObjectID' are present in jgit jar.

we tested same funcationality in java programming and it is working fine.

PEGA - 7.4

JRE - jre1.8.0_211

WebSphere -

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