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Sandra Azoulay (SandraA0)

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Posted: May 3, 2018
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Global Resource Setting

Hello everybody:-),
I have two questions for you about Global Resource Setting:
- I have to get Database url from properties file, so I've loaded a Datapage with a Datatransform, and tried to use GRS to set Database url, but I failed to do it. I succeeded to use GRS in Connect-File and Connect-Soap, but not in Database record.
So I wonder if I can use GRS in Database record, and for instance write something like =D_DataPageName.PropertyName in url field, instead of hardcode it. Is it possible to do it, and if it is, is there an example on the PDN? I haven't find one...
If not, how to set Database url from property file, or to update it when server changes, or when migrating application? Do we have to create Database record on each environment prior to migration, and to manually update url value when needed?
- I will have many (too much:-) properties to get from files and that can often change, so I'd like to use GRS to get them all from a single shared and parameterized Datapage in a commun class, but I fear it will cause performances problems.
So I'd wonder if it is a best practice to use a single shared and parameterized Datapage instead of one per class...
Thanks in advance if you have some informations!
And have a nice day!

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