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John Wallace (wallj1)
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Posted: August 6, 2019
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Global Resource Setting Management


I'm currently working through the 8.2 CSSA training course, and I have some questions about the design pattern described in the course.

The pattern the course describes uses a data page, a data transform, and dynamic system settings in order to set up the global values.

However, I'm puzzled by what is gained by using the data page as opposed to just using a direct reference to the DSS.

I'm unable to see what the performance benefit would be, and I'm also unable to see what the structural benefit is.

For example, some projects I've worked on have used DSS settings to set URL's that are different between production and development systems. In our case, we used a simple DSS setting, then fetched that setting with getDataSystemSetting where required. However, if we were to use the data page model, the only immediate difference would be that now we have to maintain a data-page, a data transform, and the DSS, and that every time we want to reference the property, we have to go to the data page.

While I can see this being useful in specific situations, it seems like in order to have that data page always be up to date, we would either have to instruct the production support team to wipe the data page every time we make a change to a DSS setting (and thereby force it to be reloaded), or to have the page reload every time we reference it, at which point, there's no caching benefit to the page, and all the other values will get fetched at the same time, making the whole trip to fetch a single value that we want longer.

As such, it seems like we'd be doing more work, for a harder to maintain system, that requires more power to complete a specific task, which doesn't make any sense to me.

Could someone clarify this to me, if I'm missing something, or maybe give examples to the benefits of using this structure overall?


Why are we expected to use a Data Page/Data transform reference pattern in 8.2 for global settings as opposed to just referencing to them directly?


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