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Carlo Preziosi (PreziosiC2012)
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Posted: April 15, 2020
Last activity: January 8, 2021

Got error during React Starter Pack configuration with Pega 8.4 Personal Edition

Hi All,

I'm experiencing an error during the last configuration step ot the React Starter Pack with Pega 8.4 Personal Edition ( during the opening of my browser on http://localhost:3000).  

"TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined"  (Steps below: 20, 21)

I have done below steps:

1) Installed on my laptop (OS: win 10) Pega 8.4 Personal edition

2) Downloaded version 2 of React Starter Pack from ""

Downloaded React Starter Pack version 2 (for Pega (8.1.3 or higher) 3) I followed all the installation steps inside readme file

4) Unzipped the , in order to create following sub directories:

 CableConnectApp, Documents, ReactApp 

5) Imported Cable connect sample application in Pega 8.4 by following  the instructions inside CableConnectSampleApp.pdf

6) Verified if the application server support CORS


7) Disabled authentication on API Service Package as a training enviroment Disabled Authentication

8) Installed Nodejs (for win 10)

Downloaded from "

Downloaded Nodejs


9) Checked Nodejs installation ver 12.16.2

Checked nodejs installation

10) Checked npm installation ver 6.14.4

Checked npm installation

11) Updated npm

Updated npm

12)   Installed Yarn (for win 10) 1.22.4

Downloaded from ""

Downloaded yarn

13) Checked Installed Yarn (for win 10) 1.22.4

Checked Yarn


14) Unzipped


15) Opened Dev Studio Code on PegaReactApp folder 

16) Opened a terminal window and ran following command: yarn install

ran yarn install

17) After installation I have seen a new folder: "node_module"


18) After that I ran following command: yarn start

Yarn start

19) After that I was able to see the App login page:

App Login Page

20) I tried to login with any of the following credentials_

_ operator: rep.cableco, password: pega - case worker
_ operator: tech.cableco, password: pega – case worker
_ operator: manager.cableco, password: pega – case manager
_ operator: admin.cableco, password: pega – developer/admin

but unfortunately I got this error:


login error


21) I tried to compile the PegaApp.js using Visual Studio Code

Compiled App.js


Did I forget a few steps?


I would appreciate help from you


Carlo Preziosi


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Pega Platform 8.4 User Experience Cross-Industry Senior System Architect