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Grid Repeat not showing Modal for Edit Item


I have a section with a Repeating Grid Layout that has an Edit mode of Modal dialog. The Flow action is also specified. Behavior has been added for double click to "Edit Item".

In the previous version of the FA, we set a Data transform for preprocessing. However, in this new version, I need to add an activity to retrieve a list that I need to populate a multi select. When I add the activity, the FA is no longer displayed when I do a double click.

I thought maybe it's because there's a data transform and activity for preprocessing. So I tried to move the data transform inside the activity, it still won't display the FA.

I did a trace and I can see an alert PEGA0031 Stream Overwritten. I noticed that there are 2 interactions done pzPerformGridAction and ShowStream. Is this a Pega issue? Or is there something in our rules that I can change to fix this?


We're using Pega v6.2 SP2

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