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Grouping Of Delegated Rules


We have a requirement to club/group delegated rules according to the logical functionality. Can you please help in achieving this?

I have seen similar requirements before where the client/customer was specific enough to mention certain delegated decision tables (say DTable A, DTable B, DTable C, etc.)will be shown in a specific section ( say Section 1) and other delegated decision tables will be shown in another section (Section 2) for the business_rules_admin accessgroup. It was achieved through when rules where the pzInsKey s of the delegated rules were considered into play. But what i am looking for is a bit dynamic. Is there any way out to achieve this like expose another column in MyRules class to store the functionality/purpose? Or should i go for different classes( each class defining different purpose) for different purposed tables and then again use the pzInsKey of the delegated rules in when rules to seggregate them? Or perhaps somehow use different rulesets for different purpose (but don't know how to use it in MyRules class, perhaps open the rules from Delegated Data Page and set some flag :( )

Can you please suggest?


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