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Posted: May 18, 2017
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Guardrail posts, messages, and best practice information

I was reviewing this post for an answer, but didn't quite find what I was looking for

I appreciate the inventory of messages exists, but determining what's using those messages isn't easy.

I'm looking for an inventory of Guardrail compliance messages but also an inventory of how those are being used and when was that usage introduced? It would be helpful to have this info documented somewhere for reference by all of us when we're trying to determine best/next steps for our applications.

For example, I recently upgraded our system to 7.2.2 and noticed a rule I was editing now has an unjustified warning I'd never seen before. The warning didn't appear until I opened the rule for modification in a new version, and it was an altogether minor warning but it causes some confusion when we're suddenly wondering whether this problem is really a problem, how long has it been a problem, is it something I really need to look into more closely, etc. I'm curious as to when this was introduced and what the meaning of it (ie - why was this suddenly important to capture as a Warning). I basically told my teammate to honor the warning but "don't go searching for other cases where we may need to make this change" (in this case, simply adding formatting to the text fields in the correspondence rule did the trick)

If anyone out there happens to read this and knows of a resource, please ping me and let me know.

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