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Posted: March 9, 2017
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HADR on DB2 pureScale - Impact of Non Logged Operations on HADR

As part of Tier 1 requirement, we are implementing HADR on our Pega DB2 Databases. Our DBAs observed that the Out-of-the-Box Stored Procedure PRPC_D.sppr_defragment_table (PRPC_D is the Pega Data Schema) has NOT LOGGED enabled and since HADRs rely on logs to replicate the data between Primary and Stand-by.The defragment table procedure is used to maintain performance of table pr_sys_locks. optimal solution would be to disable the defrag-syslocks daemon and simply REORG table pr_sys_locks using DB2 native tools. There might be similar issues with sppr_purge_table procedure. It explicitly disables logging to do large deletes of stale data. It is run from the systemCleaner agent.

After reviewing the content of this article ( on HADR implementation, we have come across with below questions-

1. The Support article does not include modified DDL for sppr_defragment_table. It is limited to only sppr_purge_table_no_logging.

2. Currently the approved modification referred in article depicts about a larger data commit operation having impact to System Cleaner agent. But what if we do commit frequently with small number of selected data and modify the proc. In that scenario, what would be the modified version of the Procs (sppr_defragment_table, sppr_purge_table_no_logging )

3. Post analyzing the impact on System Cleaner agent and System Performance, what if during the HADR Set Up,the approved changes are not done for these two store procedures? What will be the impacts from Pega End?

4. What are the tables involved in these two Store Proc execution?

An expert suggestion would be much appreciated.



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