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Ashish Choudhary (MrChoudhary)
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Independent Developer
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Independent Developer
Posted: August 12, 2019
Last activity: August 13, 2019

Hash(#) in the url of the Web Application

I'm working on the Pega Studio Version 19. So, recently I was asked to make some changes to one of the WebAdapaters.

The Login page for the application worked fine as it was a simple URL. After reaching Home page every link I visit is separated by the hash(#) keyword, the Application is SPA(Single Page Application) built with AngularJS. the URLs I see are like below.

Problem is when I interrogate the elements on these pages, the parent web element in the object browser the matching rule only identified the URL before the hash(#) nothing after that. so, when I run the application and wait for the elements to create/click/enable or any other action, Error shows that the mentioned element is not matched.

Is there any way to avoid or handle this issue or maybe a workaround for it. Please let me know if need additional information on this.

Thanks in Advance.

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