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Having issues getting a link to function on performclick method


I am trying to find a link on a page that I need to click and click on it. I have tried the following approach, everything seems to work save the final performclick. Any help is appreciated!

  1. Attribute match rule that finds all links with a specific starting string.
  2. For testing I get a date from a date picker control on a windows form.
  3. When you pick a date the automation starts (asynch link)
  4. On the link control using getClones a collection of links is retrieved
  5. Using a ListLoop we iterate through the entire collection
  6. For each clone we extract a proxy
  7. Then we check the date in the text to match what was selected in the date picker
  8. When a clone matches the date (using a boolean expression) we do the performclick on the clone.

Through debugging we have confirmed that everything works up to the performclick. Is the issue that clones are not "clickable" (I believe they should be).

Thanks again!


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