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Vishal Jawahar M (VishalJ2)
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Posted: August 5, 2018
Last activity: August 7, 2018

Having OR condition on pxObjClass in report definition filter

We recently upgraded from Pega 6.2 to 7.3.1. One of the post upgrade issues is report definition having OR condition on pxObjClass does not work. Understood that this is not allowed in v 7.2 & above and the reason for that.

In our 6.2 report definition, we were not retrieving all descendant rows of work class. We had 4 checkboxes in the UI which were basically work types selection and based on the selection of checkboxes, we used to retrieve selected work types querying corresponding pxObjClass and when none of the checkboxes were selected, we retrieved all 4 work types--this was done using OR filter on pxObjClass.

With 7.2 RD, we can either retrieve all descendants or none (by selecting Report on descendant class instances). Using sub-reports for each work type isn't really helping as we need all 4 work types when no checkbox is selected and when the boxes are checked, selected work types need to be retrieved. Any advice/suggestion would really help.

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