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Bob Reawaruw (BobReawaruw)
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Posted: January 28, 2021
Last activity: February 9, 2021

Having parent/child (cover) issues?

Do you have issues with your parent/child relationships?

Ex. Error message: Case xxx is not covered by case yyy.

Apply some of the points below to resolve such issues.


  1. Adding a wo as child. Use the Flow:AddToCover to add referred wo to current wo. Current wo becomes the cover.
  2. Remove a child wo from parent. Use the Flow:RemoveFromCover to remove referred wo from current wo.
  3. Move child to other parent. Use the Activity:pxMove to move referred child wo to other referred wo which becomes the new parent.
  4. Remove child from parent manually. Create an activity which opens the parent wo and commits it at the end. Now, remove the .pxCoveredInsKey() which refers to the child wo. Subtract 1 from the .pxCoveredCount and subtract 1 from the .pxCoveredCountOpen. 
  5. Remove parent from child manually. Create an activity which opens the child wo and commits it at the end. Now, remove property .pxCoverInsKey.
  6. Add a child wo using the ootb shape available in the flow-rule.
  7. Create a new child case using the Activity:AddCoveredWork or Activity:CreateCoveredObject.
  8. Feel free to add your thoughts on managing parent and child wo’s in the comments!
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Pega Platform 8.5 Case Management