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Hazelcast issues (PEGA 7.1.8)

Hi All,

We've stopped with HAZELCAST entries within our PRCONFIG File als we kept on getting issues with it.

We had the following rules in the PRConfig file:

<env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="hazelcast"/>

<env name="cluster/hazelcast/multicast/enabled" value="false"/>

<env name="cluster/hazelcast/members" value=","/>

<env name="cluster/hazelcast/ports" value="5701-5703"/>

That caused the following error in our Logfile, preventing PRPC to start.

[11/4/16 9:55:12:766 CET] 000000a9 DefaultAddres E com.hazelcast.instance.DefaultAddressPicker [LOCAL] [304a66e962c6507bc03eefdff9611be1] [3.4.1] Port [5701] is already in use and auto-increment is disabled. Hazelcast cannot start. The socket name is already in use.

2016-11-04 09:55:12,839 [ usa40217.unix.corp] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ ] ( etier.impl.EngineStartup) INFO - PegaRULES initialization failed. Server: usa40217.unix.corp

Now, as we are going to upgrade to PEGA 7.2.2. we would like to set all Hazelcast again, but we still dón't know exactly what to put in the PRConfig file.

We are having 4 appservers, on two nodes.

Can anyone give me the correct PRConfig settings?

I did notice something about "auto-increment" in the error, but can't find how to set that straight

Kind regards,

Arjan Maus

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