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Posted: September 19, 2019
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HBase connection issues.

Attempting to connect to Hadoop HBase using the Out of the Box functionality provided in Data-Admin- Hadoop via HBase using the Java client but are experiencing errors when testing connectivity.
After entering in the host information and HBase information for the Java client, when we click the "Test Connectivity" button the following error is displayed on the screen.

Connection cannot be established. Please check your configuration. Login failure for <your email address> from keytab /wsapps/cores/va33dlvwbs316Cell01/nodeagent/33a7013521b1ceb963290a4da1d1d7f7.keytab.

We imported following jar files to establish the Hbase connection.

  • commons-configuration-1.6
  • commons-io-2.1
  • hadoop-auth-2.2.0
  • hadoop-common-2.2.0
  • hadoop-hdfs-2.2.0
  • hbase-client-0.96.2-hadoop2
  • hbase-common-0.96.2-hadoop2
  • hbase-protocol-0.96.2-hadoop2
  • htrace-core-2.04
  • htrace-core-3.1.0-incubating
  • protobuf-java-2.5.0
  • zookeeper-3.4.5

And also, we packaged and core-default.xml, core-site.xml, hbase-default.xml, hbase-site.xml, hdfs-default.xml, hdfs-site.xml files and ssl-client.xml, packaged in separate .jar files.

We are seeing following errors in the log files saying we are missing some jars highlighted in red color.

What is the purpose of the following files an do we need following jars as prerequisite to make Hbase connection.

  1. bigdata-connector-7.3.1.jar

2019-09-18 16:37:00,053 [ WebContainer : 9] [TABTHREAD9] [ ] [ PPMS:01.01.01] (ctionWrapper._baseclass.Action) ERROR <your web address>| AG43781 - Activity pzLoadTables failed to execute Problem while updating authentication config, Previous config: Authentication config, authType: KERBEROSclient principal:<your server address>, masterPrincipalKey:hbase.master.kerberos.principal, masterPrincipalName:hbase/_<your server address>, keytabFile:/wsapps/cores/va33dlvwbs316Cell01/nodeagent/2c3ee2f3cc74842e543181105a6f9053.keytab, new config: Authentication config, authType: KERBEROSclient principal:AF92528 <your serveraddress> , masterPrincipalKey:hbase.master.kerberos.principal, masterPrincipalName:hbase/_<your serveraddress>, keytabFile:/wsapps/cores/va33dlvwbs316Cell01/nodeagent/33a7013521b1ceb963290a4da1d1d7f7.keytab

at com.pega.bigdata.authentication.HadoopAuthenticationManager.handleConfigUpdateError( ~[bigdata-connector-7.3.1.jar:?]

Caused by: Login failure for <your email address> from keytab /wsapps/cores/va33dlvwbs316Cell01/nodeagent/33a7013521b1ceb963290a4da1d1d7f7.keytab

at ~[hadoop-common-2.2.0.jar:?]

at com.pega.bigdata.authentication.HadoopConfiguration.setupAuthentication( ~[bigdata-connector-7.3.1.jar:?]

at com.pega.bigdata.authentication.HadoopAuthenticationManager.handleModifiedConfiguration( ~[bigdata-connector-7.3.1.jar:?]

... 62 more

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