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HelloConnectSDK fails to resolve com.pega:connectsdk:master-364 from connectSDK example. Where is the repository?

I am trying to compile HelloConnectSDK from "Creating a Hello World Android app with the Connect SDK" but fails with:

Error:(41, 13) Failed to resolve: com.pega:connectsdk:master-364
<a href="openFile:../HelloConnectSDK/app/build.gradle">Show in File</a><br><a href="">Show in Project Structure dialog</a>

The failing code is in the app build.gradle:


Line 42:

compile 'com.pega:connectsdk:master-364@aar'

There is no repository associated to com.pega as with the mashup SDK that points to the repository:

maven { url '' }

I looked in the distribution service bintray to see if pegasystems had a connectsdk repository there, but there is nothing.

The libs folder from HelloConnectSDK is empty, too.

The page "Connect SDK" has a link to Setting up the Connect SDK for Android app development but the link is broken and displays 'page not found'.

Where is the repository for connectsdk:master?

In case this is helpful, I'm using Android Studio 2.3.3 with sdk build tools version 25.0.3 and android sdk version 22.

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