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Help configuring FCM on PRPC 7.1.x (ML 7 and ML 8)

I have both versions - one each and trying to test out (just a POC) for use on other projects at our company.

I'm stuck at this step ("Configure case types publishing data to the FCMR").

There is nothing I can find on the Application rule form/"Case and Data" tab...  and I don't know why.

My search of the PDN and also the rest of the Mesh turned up very little, but this page seems to indicate that FCM is a "separate" installable component -- is that true?  (Wish I'd known that earlier!  What else am I missing?)

By the way, there is a lot that the documentation leaves to the imagination, whether it be the necessary steps for FCMR under 7.x (it's listed as only necessary for "6.3+")

Is there some better information than the (slim) "Setting up and configuring [FCM]"?

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