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Posted: October 1, 2018
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Help with Repeat Grid in exercise Configuring parallel processing


Step 3 of the "Configuring parallel processing" exercise, instructs to:

  1. Update the ScheduleInterview_0 section to use a repeat grid sourced by the Interviews property, allowing the user to add and remove interviews. In the repeat grid, include the existing InterviewSchedule section to display the interview information in the grid.

So I did, but when running the case at the step where this section is used I'm not able to add a new row to the interviewers list.

I've added the default entry to the list in the pySetFieldDefaults data transform, and I've reviewed in the clipboard the pyWorkPage that the object is there with the first element defaulted. So why would it not show an editable line nor allow to add a new Interviewers line?

Thank you in advance :)

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