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Steve Delaney (SMDELANEY)
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Posted: September 26, 2016
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Help requested for PegaWorks GCLIPMAP Report for MQ Documentation

My Client is still on PegaWorks (8.1.5) and as part of their modernization effort we are trying to document all of the MQ messages and request/reply versions used in the application. I have managed to write one report of GMAP records that reference MQ Message ID and Request/Reply version parameters and I am trying to do the same for those workflows where we use GCLIMPMAP records to build the MQ request.

We use standard tags to define the MessageID, RequestVersion and ReplyVersion, but the problem is that these data elements are not all in  the same row of the TARGET-FLD()/SOURCE-TAG() array within the GCLIPMAP.  For example, in some workflows "MessageID" might be the value of TARGET-FLD(3) and the actual Message ID being mapped would correspond to "SOURCE-TAG(3)". In other places  "MessageID" might be the value TARGET-FLD(4), or 8 and so on. At lease the original developers were consistant in placing the RequestVersion and ReplyVersion sequentially after the MessageID, but its a big mess trying to sort it all out systematically.  

Is there simple way to select off of a specific value for TARGET-FLD(*) and get the corresponding SOURCE-TAG(*) value for the same row in the GCLIPMAP record?

I have identified 5 separate position combinations of 3 tags each and I really don't want to configure all those different  "if TARGET-FLD(3) then SOURCE-TAG(3) etc " Mapped GRUDDs for each and every tag if I don't have to....especially given that this will only show me what has been configured and not what is actually in use.  Any and all sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

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