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Posted: May 15, 2019
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HFix-28041 for pega 7.2.2


I have the following problem: when I trying to add a new join in my repo, it falls with "One of the join conditions involving the following unoptimized property is not allowed, since it can severely degrade performance"

I find out that there exists hotfix but it for 7.1.9 (I am using 7.2.2) is there another HFix for 7.2.2 or it appears not because of that defect in pega?

(my join looks like Product.ValueId = .ProductList.Product(1).ExtIdGroup.ExtId(MdmProd).Id, I`l try use declare index here, but also want to be sure that problem not fixed by HFix in 7.2.2)

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