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Posted: June 26, 2018
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High availability configuration


My team trying to use high availability features. We have a configured host with 2 websphere servers and http plugin. Prconfig of 2 prpc instances contains:

<env name="session/ha/Enabled" value="true"/>

<env name="initialization/persistrequestor/storage" value="database"/>

Test user is configured to use external authentication.

Load balancing is working good, user logs in to different nodes.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Log in to prpc instance using load balancer url

2. Open assignment in user portal

3. Quiesce node with mentioned user, wait for 'quiesce complete' status

4. Shut down websphere server with appropritate prpc instance

5. Do some action in user portal.


In a very rare case we have loading spinner and action completes in an expected way. Assignment stay opened. Looks like everything is ok, requestor moved to another node.

But mostly afler a very short spinner assignment closes, page refreshes to portal. If we try to open this assignment, we see that case locked by another requestor. Looks like new requestor created.

So, what is the correct configuation of HA? How to correctly move requestor to another node with no assignment closed?

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