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Posted: May 9, 2017
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High CPU time consumed by GetFlowDataDefaults OOTB rule in Pegasurvey - Purpose / Solution / Workaround

hi team,

Based on client's requirement we created many survey screenflows using questions and subflows. We are using TabbedScreenFlow and TabbedScreenFlow7 across our application screenflows. When we had 1-4 level of subflows it was working fine, not much CPU time consumption. When we have added many more flows for the additional surveys with growing business requirement, we are seeing flows nested deep to a level of 8 or 10. The problem is now with the GetFlowDataDefaults - it is OOTB pega survey activity called from GetFlowData which finally gets called when calling Perform activity. It is taking >40 secs to iterate over the entire shapes in the PRIMARY and all the NESTED subflows.

For e.g. below shows 5 level of nested screenflows

Flow1 - Question, Question, Question, SubFlow1, Question, SubFlow2

SubFlow1 - Question, SubFlow3, SubFlow4

SubFlow3 - Question, Question, SubFlow5

SubFlow6 - Question, SubFlow7, Question

SubFlow7 - SubFlow8, SubFlow9,

My question is following:

1. Why do we have "GetFlowData" and "GetFlowDataDefaults". What feature does it provide?

2. What is the impact if we disable this feature by creating dummy version of that rule in our ruleset?

3. Is there any other work around to solve this issue?

4. We have used both TabbedNavigation and TabbedNavigation7 harness in our screenflows. Will it cause any issue?



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