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Posted: September 2, 2020
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Posted: 2 Sep 2020 4:46 EDT
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HookChildProcess does not work on windows adapter

Hi Teams,

I created a Windows Adapter and defined an application to be started by a command from a batch file, but the element of the application cannot be recognized.

The definition is as follows.

Path: Full path of batch file (c:\xxxx\....\xxx.bat) Target Path: Command started from batch file (cmd /c start /min c:\xxxx\....\xxx.exe xxx.unc) HookChildProcess: True StartMethod: Start StartOnProjectStart: False

When I Start Interrogation, the batch file is started, but it seems that Interrogation ends without waiting for the start of the child process.

Is there a good solution?


OS : Windows10 Enterprise(10.0.17763) Studio

Best Regards,


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