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HookChildProcess Issue

Hi Team,
I want to know that whether I can hook 2 IE instances using hook child process , or is there any other way to do that ?
Example:- We have a Windows Application which has two icons for web applications. When we perform click on those icons it opens up WebApplication1 & WebApplication2.
Our Requirement:-
We have set StartType as "Monitor ALL" for the Windows Application and made Hook Child Properties to "True" so that when we launch the Web Applications from the Windows Application, it can capture the interrogated elements of both the web applications.
Issue:- We are able to hook the WebApplication1 successfully i.e. the interrogated elements of first Web Application are getting identified but the interrogated elements of the second WebApplication2 is unable to get hooked (not getting identified) for which the screen shot is attached herewith.
Please let us know whether we can hook multiple web applications from a source application at same time. If yes, then how to do that?

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