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Posted: March 1, 2019
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Hotfixes Terminology

Hi Team,

Out of curiosity, I just want to know difference between RLS & SR & CR.

While i am going through the build notes of 7.1,8.0 & 8.0 SP1, i can see different notations for each build like CR , RLS and SR as shown below(Underlined below)

Build 7.1.22 — CR 30761 — April 17, 2015

Build 8.0.1110 — RLS-9476 — December 06, 2018

Build 8.0.1109 — SR-54496 — November 05, 2018

Under each of these SR,RLS,CR we have hotfixes that are categorized as EPIC,US, SR,plain number without any prefix(sometimes),BUG etc.

I guess the full forms for CR (Customer Request) and SR( Service Request) , RLS (Release), US & EPIC are userstory and epics as in Agile terminology?

Please help me out with what each of them convey & how are they segregated.

Also For example if i go to the Release Notes for 7.1 i can see Resolved Issues CR 28388 which i cant find in Build Notes. Are there CR's different from the CR's in Build Notes?

Thank you!


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