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Housekeeping of Cordiant Marketing Director


    We have using Cordiant Marketing Director for years. There has been quiet a number of people come and go, leaving a lot of orphan user/campaign below, and it is quite difficult to navigate through the campaign list now.

    Please advise on the procedure/steps and SQL how that I can keep the CMS Slim.

     1) How to delete old campaign? The campaign data has been deleted, and it is only left with the metadata of the campaign. These campaign may not be useful to us now.

     2) How to delete user? The users may have left us many years ago, but his records still exists in the CMS. If he/she created an object in CMS, can we change the owner to of a dummy user?

     3) We have created some new CDV for testing/investigation recently, how can we delete them so that the CMS can be kept slim?


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