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How to add custom meta data to attachments

Hi there,

I'm new to PEGA and i am currently working on a project.

I have several tasks i need to perform and i wonder if anyone could help me answer the following questions:

1. How do i add customized metadata to attachments i upload. (furthermore where can i see the metadata of an attachment?).

2. I need to add an action to the upload button of an attachment. After the attachment is succesfully uploaded. I need to sent a message to another application. I figured i need to create an API & connecter, but i do now know how to do this. so i will cut this question up in several questions:

2.1 Where can i find the events behind the upload button of attachements

2.2 How do i add another action the the button ?

2.3 How do i create a connector ?

2.4 how do i send meta data using an API Post with the connector?

Many thanks! I have just started using PEGA and it feels like maze.

Greetings, Dundy

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