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How to add onclick event to a particular column in report definition included in a repeat grid in Pega7?

Hi ,

I have a requirement where I have to open a file attachment on clicking a particular column in Pega7.1.7. I am using a repeat grid and from within that grid, I am referring to a Report Definition. On clicking one particular column I want to open an attachment. But in Pega 7, I am not finding any way to call activity on clicking each column of the report definition(no onclick event). So I have to call an activity and do a openURLInWindow from the repeat grid of the section. In the repeat grid there is a tab where I can mention the actions, but not the same for each columns of the report defintion. As a result of it, when I click on any columns of the row, the attachment is getting opened which I don't want. I want it to get opened from one particular column only. Please suggest if there is any way out to open this document for only a particular column?



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