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Pieter Overvliet (PieterO5531)
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Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht
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Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht
Posted: April 3, 2020
Last activity: April 6, 2020

How to add a record in a database via an user form?

Hello pega,

For an assignment for school, we are working with pega 8.1 and we're making an application for an (fictive) insurance company. we have made a database for the different clients in excel, made into an .csv and uploaded it succesfully into pega. At one step we can link (in a form) to the data-type of our 'client-list' on a read only mode, so the 'client' fills in his client ID (primary key of that record) and his address, date of birth etc. shows. 

Now we want to do the opposite: we want a form wich gives the client the possibility to create a new account (record in the 'client-list' database), click save and it writes/saves all the given info the the database and adds in into the pega database (and even / also the .csv preferrably). 

We've asked teachers (they dont know how), other students (dont know either) and consulted google (goes only on for pega 7). the most helpful thing we found was the help function inside Pega, but it doesn't give us quite the right info on how to implement this properly. (can't find it).

Is this even possible, and if so, how can we do it / where do we need to look?

Thank you for your time in advance, 


Stay healthy,



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