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How to add UTC offset to XML elements of data type dateTime?

Hi everyone,

we have a requirement that elements of data type dateTime in an XML Stream used by a specific JMS Connector should be sent with an UTC offset.
Apparently, this is not possible when using auto-generated XML Stream Rules. Pega always sends out dateTime elements in Zulu Time, like “12:00:00.000Z”, whereas we would need a format like “13:00:00.000+01:00”.

What we found out so far, is that Pega adds the attributes m=”display” and f=”XMLSchema_DateTime” for xml dateTime elements:

<ns1:transactionDate><pega:r n=".transactionDate" m="display" f="XMLSchema_DateTime"/></ns1:transactionDate>

This causes the Rule-HTML-Property Rule “XMLSchema_DateTime” to be applied on the referenced property:

As you see, this rule is final and executes a method of Java class PRDateFormat, so we are not able to make any customizations there.

Because the XSD for this connector might change frequently, we want to keep our XML Stream Rules auto-generated since we want to avoid having to make manual changes each time a change in the XSD comes up.
We already raised a Support Request at Pega. Response was, that this will not be changed by a hotfix because the format which is used by PRPC is one of the compliant standard formats.

Has anyone faced a requirement like this in the past and was able to put an UTC offset into elements of data type dateTime in XML Streams?

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