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Posted: April 2, 2020
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How are "RunOnAllNodes" and "Universal" different?


Node type concept is introduced in Pega 7.2.2 and now you can associate your own Agent, Job Scheduler, or Queue Processor with any of Node Type so that it will only run on the corresponding node. I was expecting that Node Type you can associate is the same among these three rule types, but it isn't.

Below are the list of Node Type for each rule type in Pega 8.4.

1. Agent

Node Type for Agent

2. Job Scheduler

Node Type for Job Scheduler

3. Queue Processor

Node Type for Queue Processor


As you can see, only Queue Processor doesn't have "RunOnAllNodes" while other two have it.

#Question 1. Why doesn't ONLY Queue Processor have "RunOnAllNodes"?

#Question 2. Below is the explanation on PDN about Node Type. Here "RunOnAllNodes" and "Universal" are explained as a similar concept but is this correct? If so, why "Universal" is not in the list in rule type? What are differences? Node Type




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