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How are work object queued/inserted for FTSIncrementalIndexer agent


Can someone share how a work object is committed to the pega_data_o.pr_sys_queue_ftsindexer table after work object creation?

I see in the tracer that insert and commit which is telling me that a page with the System-Queue-FTSIncrementalIndexer class would have been instantiated. However, I can not find where this page is mapped/created.

Our application does not require the need to use the incrementalIndexer for work objects since it uses the NearRealtimeIndexer. However, we can not disable the DSS indexing/workenabled due to it also deactiviating the search ability in the portals and designer studio.

I understand the Agent functionality (advanced/standard) but that is after the instance has been committed to the DB. I am just interested in how the row is inserted into the DB. Which activity/declare rule?

We are running Pega/PRPC 7.2.1.



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