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How to automatically view data result dynamically from external database without using UI/Case/Action?

Good day everyone, 

I'm using both external database and internal database to integrate each other. External database is read-only, while internal database is dynamically change depends on the data in external database. (Ex: I want to sum the value property inside external, so I put it into property from internal database).

So it's like this, External is Page List and Internal is Single Page. The data inside Internal Database is change everytime the data from external database modified/manipulate(DML). We don't use any case or UI so we need to do this automatically.

I've tried using data page internal(D_Internal) to contain both table from data source using activity but when I run the data page, I got no data result.

Inside my activity that I used, I put RDB method and when I run the activity, I got the result that I want.

Can anyone help me what's wrong or missing? Thanks. (PS: The Internal Data page will be used in mobile)


Best Regards,


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