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How to avoid Autocompleted for a Date?


I'm trying to make a Java function into an activity to write "/" automatically when I entered a Date in an input type Calendar. Example: I entered 2 digits for the month (system puts "/") I entered another 2 digits for the day (system puts "/") and finish with 4 digits for the year.

I have this function to put the "/" in the right position:


String strDate = tools.getParamValue("DOB");

if((strDate.trim().length() == 2) || (strDate.trim().length() == 5)) {

    strDate+=("/");     tools.putParamValue("DOB", strDate); }


The function works well when I entered month and day but when I try to entered the first digit for the year, the system autocomplete the date and puts another date in wrong format (yyyymmdd).

Can someone tell me how I should do to avoid the autocomplete for the year?

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