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Posted: May 22, 2020
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How to calculate Active time spent on each CS tab?

A client has reached out about how they could better track how long a case is actively being worked by an agent in CS.  Basically, they spin off multiple cases in different tabs and they’re trying to calculate how long each case is worked (not how long it’s “open”).  They would like to collect aggregate data by case type but also compare between different agents to understand why it takes some agents longer.  I think it would be ok if the “active time” didn’t persist until the case advances as this is largely for reporting purposes not for real-time monitoring. Do you have any ideas on how they might accomplish this”.

Our business scenario is to capture , how long a case is actively being worked by an Agent in CS.

for Example,

  1. Agent  opened  1st CS tab at 8 AM , and Claim support person actively working on only 1 tab  for 10 minutes
  2. Open the 2nd CS tab at 8:10 AM  and he stayed in that tab for 10 minutes
  3.  Back to CS tab 1 for at  8:30 AM. Business wants to know, what is the active time spend on Tab1 , If we get the active time or idle time spent on tab 1

At this point both the CS tabs are open and below is the expectation.

CS Tab 1 is open from 8:00-8:30. So Pega calculates total time 30 minutes as it was open. But actually CS tab 1 is open from 8:00- 08:10  and then again come back to it at 08:30 am. So ,effectively CS tab 1 is active for 10 minutes. It will be great, if you could share any ideas on how to accomplish this.


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