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Mandeep Rawat (MandeepRawat)
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Crochet Technologies Pvt Limited
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Crochet Technologies Pvt Limited
Posted: February 3, 2021
Last activity: February 3, 2021

How to call a js function on every UI interaction?

We have a requirement where we are displaying map in the UI. For that we have a custom control which is using a js file to display a map in a div element.

In the javascript text file we have function which needs to be called to populate the contents of the div.

it is working fine on initial load of the screen but when ajax call is happening we are getting the map. for eg. if there is attachment control in the section and when user is adding new attachment the map content is not display.


currently, I have created a hidden button in the main witch runscript call on the action. also updated UserWorkForm and performing the click function on the hidden button.


any suggestion what could be a better approach to achieve this. 

Pega Platform 8.4.1 User Experience Government System Architect