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Posted: November 24, 2017
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How to call map value from section Inline style cell using jsp

Hello everyone!

I need to call a map value from Inline style cell to get a css style (ik it sounds weird) Map value is 2-dimensional, and has css style in cells.

I'm trying to use a function in jsp tags <%...%> (doesn't work right now)

com.pegarules.generated.pega_rules_map.ObtainValuePair(tools, tools.getStepPage(), "ObtainSystemTaskStyle", "Green", "1");

Firstly, i don't really understand, in which way i should pass values to this function, is it correct now? Map value has combination from function in example.

Secondly, In case when map value get a value from property, defined at Configuration tab (Input rows and Input columns block), should i pass something in 2 last params in function? If i should, what sort of value should i pass there?

I’m using Pega 7.1.8

Thanks in advance!

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