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How can i block a pop up while clicking on a row of a list view embedded in a portal

Hi All ,

we have a portal ( pega 5.5 version) where we are populating assignments from work baskets depending upon some logic  .the requirement is on single click the user should be able to open assignments in read only mode .

When we are clicking on , first a confirm message  is appearing ,after clicking OK , assignment is loading .Pls refer attached screen shot .

User don't want this pop up .They want to open the assignment just after clicking on .

I did a content search with that message and found a js rule named framesetscript which contains below block of codes-


    @protected - This function is to cancel if the form is dirty.

    @return $boolean$


  SpacePaneAPI.prototype.cancelIfFormDirty= function() {

  try {

  if(this.getViewWindow().explorerFormIsDirty) {

  var bDirty= this.getViewWindow().explorerFormIsDirty();

  if (bDirty) {

  var errMsg= getLocalString("pyMessageLabel", "You are about to replace an open work item", null);

  var okMsg= getLocalString("pyMessageLabel","Press OK to continue and lose your changes",null);

  var cancelMsg= getLocalString("pyMessageLabel","Press Cancel to return to the modified form",null);

  if(!confirm(errMsg + "\n" + "\n" + okMsg + "\n" + cancelMsg)) {

  return true;




  return false;

  } catch (e) {

  return false;



The issue is it's a Final rule .I can't modify it .

Is there any other way to do it ?may be i can put a js in the harness to block it,but don't know how to do it . pls assist .

Please note , if i run the list view rule directly , i am not getting this pop up .But the issue is when it's embedded in a portal .



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