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Posted: May 17, 2016
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How can I Migrate the entire PEGA data schema from DB2zOS to ORACLE 12c Database?

Hello Mesh I am tasked with the migration of all the data from the data schema in PRPC 7.1.7 from DB2zOS down to Oracle 12c database. I would like to find the best solution for this task that works. I am able to move the entire RULES schema and its contents from the mainframe to Oracle using the PEGA Migrate script utilizing the bulk mover process and that works fine. The problem is the Migrate script does not move the data schema.

Things I have tried.

Using DB2 utility to do a unload of the data from the tables the problem is the LOB the Unload utility places the LOBS in PDS as members and because of this we cannot create one file to FTP down.

Oracle is not recommending the use of Golden Gate for the initial move they are recommending to create a flat file send it from the mainframe first as the initial load and use SQLLOADER to populate the oracle database.

Idea I have.

If there was some way to be able to make a clone like how the migrate process does it for the RULES table and then unload the data the same way would be the ultimate solution.

Can the forum provide any way that they have done this migration process before that works so I may leverage it going forward?


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