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How can I open assignment conditionally on click of a button?

We have a requirement for a "Search and Open" functionality where user enters a case id in a text box and clicks on a button labelled 'Open'. If the case exists and is not resolved, the current assignment for the case will open directly in perform mode. Otherwise appropriate message will be displayed.

Initially, we had used the 'Run Activity' action to run an activity to search for the case, check the status and search for the assignment for the case. Then the 'Open Assignment' action was used to open the assignment in perform mode. But the problem with this is that if in the activity we find that the case does not exist or is resolved, the process is still going to the 'Open Assignment' action and throwing an error saying 'Empty Assignment'.

Is there a way to stop the 'Open assignment' action from getting triggered based on the result of the activity?

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