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How can I see the code that Pega APIs call?

We're looking to implement Pega APIs in some of our related systems, but before we do so we are concerned that we don't actually know what PRPC is doing behind the scenes. Is there a way to find out what rules are invoked by a particular API call?

For example, when a system calls PRPC using the GET /cases API that "Gets all cases that the authenticated user has created in the default work pool", how can we find out what PRPC is doing to get that list? Is it using a report definition rule, an activity with an Obj-Browse step, some custom Java? Until we know that we can't:

a) trust that it is actually working as we expect - for security reasons we don't like using black boxes, and

b) understand when or how to override the OOTB API with an application-specific one.

Is there any documentation that lists the rules called by these APIs?

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