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Jeff Henry (JeffH334)
Dynamic System Solutions, Inc.

Dynamic System Solutions, Inc.
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Dynamic System Solutions, Inc.
Posted: July 16, 2020
Last activity: July 16, 2020

How can I set the default debugging level for the PEGA Rules logger in PRLOG4J2.xml file

We are on Pega platform 8.4.1.

I'm trying to update the default logging level for the PEGA Rules logger to "WARNING" 
permanently using the PRLOG4J2.xml file. However, after updating PRLOG4J2.xml and 
restarting the services nothing is changed.

To verify the change was made, I open the Logging level settings from dev studio, 
select an activity and see that the logging level is still defaulted to "ERROR".


Section from the PRLOG4J2.xml that was changed.

			<AppenderRef ref="CONSOLE"/>
            <!-- <AppenderRef ref="PEGA" /> defaults to ERROR  -->
            <AppenderRef ref="PEGA" level="WARNING" /> 
			<AppenderRef ref="ALERT" level="ALERT"/>
			<AppenderRef ref="ALERTSECURITY" level="ALERT"/>


Thanks in advance, 



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