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Posted: September 18, 2018
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How can I set text in SAP virtual control with correct encoding?

How to configure the transmission of text in the SAP virtual control of the text in the coding of windows-1251 from the pega robotics automation.

Now, any method, that I use to transfer text data, transfers a string with the encoding of UTF-8, even if before that I call my script that changes the encoding.

I've tried to make script that changes encoding from UTF-8 to windows-1251, I've tried to start SAP with differen settings and configurations, and allways I've got wrong encoding in textbox.

And I can't use in scripts System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard class. It is default using in code of script, but when I try to use system clipboard it throws error and fails compilation.

I work with SAP 7.30 version, Plug-in for visual studio to create automations and Visual Studil 2015.

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