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How can I track the number of assignments COMPLETED by a user?


I have a requirement to display a current day report for each user on the dashboard, that shows the following columns:

WB Name | Assignments Completed

where WB Name column has the list of WBs mentioned in the current user's profile and Assignments Completed has the Assignments Completed by the user picked from these wbs.

How can I track when an assignment is completed? As per our application settings, if an assignment gets completed- it is deleted from the Assign- instances.
Other challenge is this cannot be tracked in Finish Assignment activity as we it would also get fired when a user picks a case from a WB and hence it is routed to his WL for processing-here WB assignment(Assign-Workbasket) would get deleted and WL assignment would get created (Assign-Worklist).

Correct me if am wrong.

Also, there are several cases where the user might just route the assigments from one operator to another or WB- but might not actually COMPLETE them by himself.

Please suggest a solution as to how can this be addressed.

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