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How can i use pxSettionTimer?

I'm using Pega Cloud v8.1x and Open ID connect for SSO Authentication. When a SSO authenticated user login to Pega, Authentication timeout is not avairale for those users. Plus, our SSO won't imprement timeout for session in its specification. So i need to implement timeout in Pega. After reading some articles in community, i found "pxSessionTimer" and it might be deprecated according to below url because of XSS measures.
Indeed i impremented pxSessionTimer at pyPortalHarness and it shows mordal dialog after several minutes(i've set the timer) but the dialog contains no contents.
My question is whether "pxSessionTimer" is deprecated or not.
if the "pxSessionTimer" is depredated, how can i imprement timeout mechanism with SSO?
if not, how can i use "pxSessionTimer" properly?…


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