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Posted: April 22, 2019
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How Can I Validate a Value as a Datetime/Non-Datetime?


I am looking for a out of the box way to validate the value stored in a property either is or isn't a valid datetime property. To be clear, I'm not looking to validate if the property type itself is a datetime, but that the value that has been saved to it can be evaluated as a datetime.

Currently we are trying to use an activity to do this, as this being done within a configuration section for a DDS rule, and as such, automatic property type validations/other validations that are done on the property in the section rule do not fire.

Currently, I have tried using a when rule with the OOB Validate Rule IsValidDateTimeProp, but that validate rule is not working as expected.

In brief:

I am looking for a way to validate that the value of a property can be evaluated as a Datetime, and this is being done in an activity.

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