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Posted: October 28, 2019
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How can increase in toast bytes of DB table pr_operators be explained?

Using PDC, I made a custom report to see why the pr_operators table on our production environment is so big. It contains around 60K records but takes a Total Bytes of around 21GB. I found that last month the Estimate Row Count and Live Rows did not increase that much, but the Toast Bytes increased a lot in 1 day.

Possible reason/related issue for this is that we have a lot of REST calls internally and that the service operator is saved almost constantly.

I've ready about TOAST and and the general idea about this, but I could use some more context here.

My questions:

- The Total Bytes (in PDC on class PegaAES-Data-DBTableUsage) is the sum of Table Bytes, Toast Bytes and Index Bytes. What are exactly Toast Bytes? How can you see more info on the space used for it?

- What could be reasons for the toast bytes to increase so much in a day, while the number of records is gradually increasing. Can this be explained by a lot of resaves of service operators?

- How can you decrease the Toast Bytes? It went from 13GB to 20GB and stayed like that;

- Is the Total Bytes representative for the RDS Disk Space that is used? When can it differ?

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